When you want to draw attention and get people talking, there’s no method of advertising quite like light pole banners. You have probably seen them outside of businesses and along main street, catching your eye with bright colors and offering easy-to-digest information. Street banners are as versatile as the designs you can dream up, which makes them a great asset to your business or organization, no matter what your goals may be. In today’s post, we’ll be going over a few ways that you can use pole banners to your advantage. When you’re ready to make the leap, contact Legacy Prints and we will create professional-grade, custom-printed banners that are sure to make people stop and take notice. Call us today for your custom quote!

Celebrating Holidays and Community Events

Generate interest and enthusiasm for holidays and local events with help from custom-made street pole banners. You can add some patriotic color to your light poles for Independence Day or some spooky spirit for Halloween. If there is a corresponding community event, even better! Pole banners are perfect for disseminating simple information like the event’s date and time, and since they are in full public view, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience.

Advertising Your Business or Organization

The panache of pole banners can also benefit your business. They are especially well-suited for big sales, events, or grand openings. You have probably already seen them used to promote special exhibits at the museum or performances at the local theater. If you’re in those industries, then you already have a few great ideas to work with! If not, why not utilize the same bright, eye-catching methods for your organization?

Promoting Local Pride

Your light poles may seem empty between special events and holidays, but they don’t have to be. Street banners are great for everyday spirit and celebrations, too! You can create your own banner to advertise your town at any time — or your school, or anything else about your area that you think is noteworthy! Simply spruce up mainstreet with some color and get people excited about what your community has to offer year-round.

Helping Visitors Navigate

Not only can street banners promote your business or community, it can also help people orient themselves in an unfamiliar place. They are great tools for organizations like colleges with sprawling campuses — print light pole banners with your school colors and logo, and you can help new students and visitors know they’re in the right place. Hosting an event downtown? You can also put your custom-printed banners to good use in drawing people in and marking the parameters of your event space.

Get a Quote Today

The possibilities for pole banners are nearly endless. You can customize them for whatever your needs or objectives may be, whether you want to advertise for a specific event or you simply want to generate interest in your business, organization, or community. The only limit is your imagination and your passion for design. If you dream it, Legacy Prints can make it! We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality content for our clients, and our custom-printed banners are no different. Ready to get started? Call us today to get a quote on your next project!