Promotional products are a great way to spread the word about your business. After all, who doesn’t love free swag? To make your business stand out, however, you need to think carefully about the kind of promotional products you’re offering. What value are you offering your clients with these items? What are the products saying about your business? Legacy Prints offers a large selection of custom promotional items so you can choose the products that will work best for you. In today’s post, we’ll go over some of the most popular items we offer and how they can help your business. Visit our website today to find custom promotional products that work for you and start boosting your business!


T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats are among the most popular promotional items out there. It’s a great product to hand out at events, because it can help your customers commemorate the fun they had and remind them of your business. Printed or custom-embroidered apparel is also easy to customize, so you can choose a design that best represents your enterprise or cause. You also can’t deny the usefulness of apparel — sweatshirts are a great choice if you are attending an event in cold or rainy weather. Your customers can start wearing them right away and become a walking advertisement for your business!

Tote Bags and Backpacks

If you want to offer your customers a functional branded item, tote bags and backpacks are a great choice. It’s something your customers can use every day! Whether they bring it with them on their next grocery shopping trip or take it to the gym, it can become an integrated part of their lives, and your clients will think of you every time they use it. Tote bags or drawstring backpacks with your logo are especially good promotional products to have at an event like a trade show, where attendees will be receiving a lot of swag. They will be grateful to have a better way to carry everything and they will remember your brand for being helpful rather than offering more cheap, useless products.


You’ve probably found yourself patting your pockets looking for a pen to use more than once. Save your customers from this moment with pens printed with your logo! It’s small and practical, so it won’t add to the clutter of their lives, which many will appreciate. As an added bonus, when your clients share your pen, they are also sharing your business!

Stress Relievers

Life can be stressful. Offer custom stress relievers printed with your logo and your clients can associate you with the object that made them feel a little better. Legacy Prints offers a wide variety of customizable options, from ordinary balls to humorous designs like a talking stress reliever with crazy hair. Find a design that reflects your business and promote the healthy, stress-free experience you can offer your customers.

Car Accessories and Tools

When it comes to usefulness, it’s hard to beat hardware. Your customers may not use these promotional items every day, but when they come in handy, they’ll remember that it was your business that came to the rescue. From a 25-piece tool kit to smaller items like USB car chargers and mobile phone holders, you have a lot of options. Choose the unique promotional product that best represents your business and Legacy Prints will customize it with your design.

There is a wide world of custom promotional products at your fingertips here at Legacy Prints — choose items that will make the right impression! From custom-printed tote bags to stress relievers in fun shapes like hearts, you have options that advertise your business and serve a practical purpose in your customers’ lives. Explore Legacy Prints for even more inspiration and start creating your unique promotional products today!