Are you looking for a form of advertising that can work for any business, will get a lot of impressions, and can reach new customers around the clock? Try vehicle advertising! Legacy Prints can print and create any design you need for your business, including custom vehicle graphics for your car, truck, or trailer. Check out a few of our past projects and read on to learn why you should give vehicle advertising a shot.

Grab Their Attention

Whether you’re stuck in rush hour or you’re waiting for a particularly long red light, scenarios like these are the perfect time to advertise your business. You have a captive audience looking for distraction or entertainment, and the bright colors and compelling graphics of a custom vehicle wrap are sure to catch their attention. They’ll have plenty of time to read and think about your business in the traffic. Many people whiz by billboards without a second thought, but a custom vehicle graphic gives them an unobtrusive, up-close look at your enterprise.

Don’t Disrupt Their Lives

Have you ever found yourself listening the same radio commercial over and over again? Have you had your favorite TV show cut off by a repetitive advertisement? You probably don’t think about those businesses very positively. With vehicle advertising, you can promote your business without interrupting your customer’s life. They can learn about your goods or services while running errands or driving to work, and you won’t have the negative connotation of an ad that cuts off something they enjoy. Gain their patronage without annoying them!

Advertise Locally and Find New Customers

When your advertisement is your vehicle, you know you’re marketing to people within your service area. You can also spread the word about your business without going out of your way and reach new potential customers every day. With traditional marketing methods like billboards or radio ads, you’re only reaching the people who use a specific road or tune into the right radio station at the right time. Custom auto wraps, on the other hand, are visible to all kinds of people for as long as you drive your vehicle or keep it parked out in the open.

Customize for Any Business

No matter what goods or services your business offers, you can advertise with custom car graphics. Do your employees use a van or truck to offer services throughout your community? A vehicle wrap will mark them clearly as your employees when they arrive at their destination and they will be marketing your business every mile they drive. Do you want to attract more customers to your food truck? Compelling custom graphics can encourage them to investigate further and tell them who you are and what you do. No matter what you do, vehicle advertising is an option for your business.

Get a Great Return on Your Investment

When it comes to cost effectiveness, vehicle advertising is a hard marketing strategy to beat. A custom vehicle wrap is likely less expensive than a billboard and you can still get 24/7 exposure. It also comes without the recurring costs of TV or radio ads. A wrap can last for years and offers you the opportunity to reach a new and changing audience every single day.

When you want to advertise your business, choose a form of unobtrusive marketing that is accessible to hundreds of people at a time. Vehicle advertising can spread the word about your goods and services without interrupting potential customer’s music or TV and because it’s printed on your car, it can reach new audiences every single day. Are you ready to take the plunge and try vehicle advertising? Legacy Prints is here to help! We can create custom vehicle graphics for almost anything on wheels. You choose the design and we make it happen. Shop today!